Criminal Injuries Compensation

Victims of crime often suffer some form of physical or mental harm as result of the offence committed against them. Did you know that if you have suffered an injury because of a criminal offence, you may be entitled to make a claim for Criminal Injuries Compensation? You may also be eligible for compensation if you are a close relative or dependant of a person injured, harmed or killed as a result of the offence.

A claim may be made if a person is charged and convicted of an offence. In some cases, a claim may be awarded if the alleged offender is acquitted or not even charged.

You have three years from the date of the offence to make an application for a claim. If you are unable to make a full application prior to three years lapsing, you can apply for an extension of time.

You can be compensated if you have suffered bodily harm, mental or nervous shock or pregnancy as a result of the offence. The compensation may cover pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, loss of income and any medical expenses related to the injury.

There is usually no need to attend a hearing in a claim for Criminal Injuries Compensation as the applications are considered by an Assessor at the Office of Criminal Injuries Compensation and they will make the assessment based on the information provided in the application and supporting documents.

Depending on your injuries you can be awarded up to the maximum amount of $75,000 in Criminal Injuries Compensation. Geoghegan Myers Legal can provide advice on whether you are eligible to make a claim and the information you will need to provide in addition to the application. Call for our $99 initial advice appointment today.