Traffic Offences

Whilst you probably don’t need a lawyer to represent you in Court for the majority of minor traffic matters, getting the right advice before you decide to enter your plea can mean the difference between substantial fines and disqualifications. For more serious or complex matters Geoghegan Myers Legal 

What we do. How we help.

We offer fixed price legal advice and representation on all traffic matters. We will advise you about your options, employ experts to scrutinise the police evidence and testify at trial or negotiate with police for a less serious charge if appropriate. The earlier you get good advice, the better the outcome will be.

  • initial advice
  • negotiations with police
  • representation at trial
  • representation in court for plea of guilty
  • review police evidence
  • employ experts to review and challenge police evidence
  • advise on consequences of conviction
  • Extraordinary Licence and Lifetime disqualification applications 

Fixed prices on most Criminal & Traffic Matters

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