Criminal Law Representation

We know that being charged with a criminal offence is a serious. It’s not just the potential penalty, anything from a fine to  immediate imprisonment.  The Court process can also be lengthy and confusing. You have to take time off work, you have to pay a lawyer.You also have to consider the impact on your life of a criminal record. We make things as easy as possible by providing practical advice and fixed fee options so you always know where you stand. With Geoghegan Myers Legal you know that your lawyer is on your side, working to ensure that the every option is explored, every allegation is tested and that you have every chance to fight the charges or to mitigate the penalty you face.

What we do. How we help.

We offer fixed price legal advice and representation on all criminal matters including Criminal Code offences, Centrelink charges, Fisheries and local council prosecutions (including prosecutions under the Dog Act).

Yes, we welcome Legal Aid clients for criminal matters and are happy to assist with your application for a grant of aid.

Our services

  • Initial advice
  • Negotiations with police
  • Representation in court for plea
  • Representation at trial

Criminal Matters

  • Assaults
  • Drug charges
  • Burglary, fraud, stealing
  • Attempts and conspiracies

Courts and tribunals

  • Magistrates
  • District and Supreme
  • Tribunals
  • In Perth and beyond

Fixed prices on most Criminal & Traffic Matters

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