Court & Tribunal Applications

Decisions made by Courts and Government agencies can have a¬†huge impact on your life. Dealing with the consequences and challenging these is often complicated and time consuming. We make things simple. We tell you what you need to know and what you need to do to make important and life changing applications in WA Courts and Tribunals. These include spent conviction applications, Extraordinary driver’s licences or removal of lifetime bans, criminal compensation, barring notices and others. We can provide advice, help you to complete the applications and submissions and also represent you in Court or at the Tribunal for your hearing

What we do. How we help.

We offer fixed price legal advice and representation on criminal, traffic and related applications. You choose whether you want us to merely provide advice and assistance, to complete the written application and submissions, liaise with the State or Commonwealth body and represent you in the Court or Tribunal for the final hearing of the application. Fixed fee assistance is available so you know exactly what the cost will be to you at all times.

Criminal Applications

  • Spent convictions at the time of conviction
  • Application to have old convictions declared spent

Traffic Applications

  • Extraordinary Driver’s Licences
  • Lifetime ban removals
  • Vehicle impound or confiscation

Other Applications

  • Criminal Compensation
  • Licensed premises barring notices
  • Police confiscation applications

Fixed prices on most Criminal & Traffic Matters

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