Criminal and Traffic

At Geoghegan Myers Legal we know that facing a criminal or traffic charge is a stressful experience. You need to get the best legal advice early in the process. Our criminal lawyers can advise you on the legal process, what the police have to prove to make out the charge and what defences may be available to you. If you are going to trial, we have an excellent record for getting the result you want: Not guilty. If you are pleading guity we will work tirelessly to get you the best sentence possible.

Criminal Charges

If the police are at the door you need the right advice. We act on all criminal charges including assaults, property and drug charges for adults and children

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From using your mobile phone to drink driving charge to more serious charges including reckless or dangerous driving causing death or harm. Get the right advice and the best criminal representation


Need a spent conviction? Extraordinary driver’s licence or lifetime ban removed? We also help with barring notices, criminal compensation and can even help you prepare to represent yourself in court

Fixed prices on most Criminal & Traffic Matters

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