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Fees and Charges

Nothing causes more conflict and angst than paying legal fees. We believe that you should get value for your money. When we charge you for something its because we have done something of value for you. We also believe you should know up front what you are going to be charged and what you can expect for your money. We offer fixed fees for many of our services including criminal and traffic law matters, Restraining Orders, Applications, initial advice, negotiations, review of police evidence and advice and even some family law matters.

Criminal and Traffic Fees

  • Initial advice: $99
  • Magistrates Court plea in mitigation – representation for plea of guilty: $1100-$1600 depending on complexity
  • Magistrates Court trial – one day: from $4400 (includes preparation and one day trial)
  • Magistrates Court – additional day: from $2200
  • Magistrates Court mention appearances: $330 – $440
  • Bail applications or variations: $550
  • District / Supreme Court plea in mitigation – representation for plea of guilty: $3300 (includes one mention appearance and sentencing)
  • District / Supreme Court trial – please contact us to discuss

Application to Court and Tribunal Fees

  • Trial advice – review and advice of prosecution brief of evidence: $1100-$2200 (fee will be deducted from the cost of representation at trial if you proceed to trial)
  • Review CCTV or electronic record of interview: from $990
  • Extraordinary Driver’s Licence Applications – preparation of application including affidavit: $1650
  • Extraordinary Driver’s Licence Applications – in court representation for application: $1100
  • Spent Convictions at time of conviction: included in price for plea in mitigation (see above)
  • Applications to have old convictions declared spent – preparation of application and affidavit: : $1100
  • Representation in District Court for the application: $1650
  • Police impound or confiscation applications: please contact us
  • Criminal Compensation – response to application: $990 and up
  • Licensed Premises barring notice response and submissions: $990
  • Appearance at Tribunal for hearing: $1650

Family Law Fees

We offer a number of family law services at a range of fixed fees. For other services we will provide you with an estimate based on the level of complexity and the amount of work required. Remember, you can always cut costs by doing some of the work yourself and relying on us for practical legal advice thoughout the process.

Family law matters are otherwise charged at a rate of $385 / hr


  • Initial advice appointment: $99
  • Preparation of divorce application by consent (ex-parte applications): $990
  • Estimated costs for advice, negotiations and preparation of consent orders (simple matters): $2,200 – $3,850
  • Estimated costs for advice, negotiations and preparation of consent orders (complex matters): $2,750 – $4,950

Restraining Order Fees

  • In person advice (20 mins) $100
  • Final Order Hearing – preparation for trial and trial representation (one day): from $4400
  • Negotiations and undertakings – in many cases restraining order matters can be resolved by way of an undertaking or order by consent. Cost for negotiation and preparation of documents: $2200

Other Matters – extra fees

  • Please note that all fees are subject to change
  • All other matters charged at our hourly rate of $385/hr. We will discuss these with you before you instruct us to act on your matter.

Costs that may not be incorporated in the list of recommended fees include:

  • Extra appearances in court on your matter (for example: further bail applications)
  • Witness summons
  • Expert reports / testimony

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